My Sweet Rosa

I got photos in my inbox this Valentine's. Beautiful photos, the best present I could have gotten. From different people, in different corners of the earth. I'm so lucky and I'm grateful for all the love, everyday.

If anyone is reading, sorry about the rubbish posts, but I will be back with better stories soon. My favourite season in the whole wide world is approaching, and I haven't enjoyed it properly in years. For once, I have no exams and I am in Cyprus where spring is at its most amazing.

One of these days, when the weather is sweet, I will take a day off and go out in the fields.

I watched this documentary yesterday. 

It was interesting, but mostly because the subject of the documentary is so wildly interesting. Rosa's powerful personality, fascinating story and mesmerising presence, even in her old age, makes you almost magically drawn to her without needing much effort from the director and his colleagues.

Some of the performances of the songs by contemporary musicians were interesting too. Perhaps the story-telling was a bit weak, and maybe the film didn't really explore the history and politics behind Rosa's life, music and songs, but all in all it was an enjoyable evening for me, and I was happy to hear her songs and see her on the screen.


  1. have the strangest music tastes! That chick can not keep her hands still!


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