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Running water

I am tired of chasing after shadows,
and this hopeless feeling is turning me desperate.
To think I once was one!
Hiding under a heavy purple cloak
I would make excuses for myself
and my inabilities.
Disappearing like a fine transparent fabric
that courts with the darkness and the light,
I would make excuses for myself
and my inabilities.

To think I am now pathetically saddened by the silence
when for so long I dwelled in it.
My previous self would have laughed in scorn
should she have seen my current state.

Get up, girl, and get rid of all these needs. 

People are like running water.
They give life and then they leave you thirsty. 
They play with the colours and the pebbles,
they carry away the leaves that fall in their currents
and then they run dry in the hard times. 

Can you blame them? "No I can't".
Can you judge them? "No I can't".
What can you do? 

"I can love their white skins in the morning when they wake."

And what can you do?

"I can wait till …

Through the window comes the snow*

* Thanks σταφσι.


I'm speaking loud and clear.
can anyone hear me?

Or are you all busy catering to your neuroses
and your fears?

I know you feel lonely - I can hear you from behind the walls.
All that scratching and shuffling,
no reason to deny it.
We all live in a hole called self.

The nightflowers are here. Did you see them?
Did you feel the season changing?
Did you see all the old men and women coming out of their houses for a walk
accompanied by their Philippino ladies?

They're not afraid of the cold these days.

They're not afraid of death these days.

They're scared of the empty room
that awaits them in the morning
and echoes goodnight (goodnight) before they go to bed.

So you think you're any different?
Not susceptible to the human condition? Young and immortal, with time to spare feeling sorry for yourself and holding a chainsaw against your brain?

What have you done about your lonelinnes, huh?

Did you try to love yourself a little more?

You don't want to go around carryi…

Letter from afar

Γράφω σου που μακριά. Εδώ, το σπίτι μας, μια κουκκίδα στο χάρτη. Ο κόσμος μας, μια κουκκίδα στο χάρτη. Εδώ, τα προβλήματα μας αναπνέουν, πιάννουν τόπο, λύνουνται.
Εδώ, το τέλος του κόσμου το ορίζει μόνο η θάλασσα και η ατμόσφαιρα και όχι ο νούς μας.
Εδώ οι μέρες δεν σκοτώνονται πετώντας στον αυτοκινητόδρομο με 200 χιλιόμετρα την ώρα αλλά κυλάνε νωχελικά, σαν πελώωωωριες ρόδες ποδηλάτου, διακτινίζονται σε παράλληλα σύμπαντα και εσύ διαλέγεις τι θέλεις και παίρνεις, σαν απο μενού λιχουδιών απο νουτέλλα.
Εδώ, γίνεσαι τρισδιάστατος, ξεκολλάς απ'τον τοίχο, παίρνεις ανάσα ξαφνικά φουσκώνεις τη ψυχή σου, κοιτάς κάτω και βλέπεις το βάθος σου, ρίχνεις σελίνι και κάνεις ευχές.
Εδώ, ο κόσμος είναι πολύχρωμος, τολμά να γεμίζει το μυαλό του φεγγαροκλωστές που ενώνουν πλανήτες σκέψεων, ποιήματα. Τολμούν να κατεβάζουν τα όνειρα απ' τους ιστούς και τα βάθρα και να πίνουν τσάι μέντας μαζί τους, φαντάσου! Ερωτεύονται!
Τα άδεια τσόφλια ανθρώπων είναι πολύ μακριά μου εδώ.
Εδώ, το χιόνι κάνει τους φόβους αγγέλους που τους ζυ…

I can't think of a title, it's Friday.

Even though I am constantly being reminded that I live in a country of cave-dwelling Neanderthals (no offense to the species, but they did hit an evolutionary dead-end), I also keep meeting people that give me hope and strength to keep on doing what I love. You all know who you are, because you’re standing in the sunshine and you’re staring at the sun with your eyes wide open. I can see your tears of happiness and I too try painfully to keep mine open. 

This country needs its "pioneering" children. I am looking forward to the day when this society realises it loves its kids who have “strayed” slightly off the beaten (Cypriot) track and finally recognises them on the basis of merit and not “meson”. I can't wait till being different is a good thing, being clever but good is a good thing, being honest is a good thing, being innovative is a good thing, but until our society wakes up to these things we will live in the shadows of our caves…
My relationship with Cyprus is a lo…

Les Jours Tristes


Puzzles and bee-eaters

Oh boy. So many things I could tell you if you let me. If you ever let me- you look like a nice person but so troubled and lost. Do you love yourself? Or do you stare in disbelief as people around you fall to your feet?

I am not one of them - I am your equal - I am your sister and I can hold you in my arms for as long as I have to- but you seem so scared of the world and I get scared too and want to run away.
Your dark eyes trouble me- never before have I looked into dark eyes- I hope I don't get lost. I will not force you to speak to me or see me- I will be strong in the face of your endless moodswings and waverings- I am my own person, I make my own decisions based on my good judgement and not on the darkness of your eyes or the shape of your arms.
I can resist you, and be your friend, but only if you want to. I fear we have started off on the wrong foot, what with me letting you in. I felt your confusion, I felt your anger, and it hurt- I was even offended that you would want …