I can't think of a title, it's Friday.

Even though I am constantly being reminded that I live in a country of cave-dwelling Neanderthals (no offense to the species, but they did hit an evolutionary dead-end), I also keep meeting people that give me hope and strength to keep on doing what I love. You all know who you are, because you’re standing in the sunshine and you’re staring at the sun with your eyes wide open. I can see your tears of happiness and I too try painfully to keep mine open. 

This country needs its "pioneering" children. I am looking forward to the day when this society realises it loves its kids who have “strayed” slightly off the beaten (Cypriot) track and finally recognises them on the basis of merit and not “meson”. I can't wait till being different is a good thing, being clever but good is a good thing, being honest is a good thing, being innovative is a good thing, but until our society wakes up to these things we will live in the shadows of our caves…

My relationship with Cyprus is a love-hate relationship, as I imagine it is for most of us. It seems that everything that has to do with my life here is falling into one extreme or another: Love or Hate, Black or White, This-Type-of-Relationship or No Relationship at all, Despair or Hope, Fitting In or Not Fitting in-  I could go on and on listing opposites to describe my time here.

After going abroad to study, removing myself from this reality, I realised how unnecessary it is to live like this and how difficult it is to go back to it. 

A good friend told me once that the relationship we have with Cyprus is like the relationship we have with ourselves. I think that statement is correct, but it is a troubling one. I try so hard to abolish the Hate from the relationship with myself, and I always try to look at things from many angles, as hard as that can be, and not settle for the extremes. I want to be open, free and honest with myself and others but striving for that is harder in a society that views those qualities disdainfully. On the other hand, if I don't manage to be on good terms with myself and my life here, how is this place ever going to change for the better?

Why can’t our life here have options like: Colours, a Relationship-That Makes-Me Happy- For-What- It-Is, Happiness, Acceptance- instead of the things above? 

At any rate, some people here have created those options for themselves. I never thought that if I tried to sum up a week here in Cyprus with the first things that came to mind, the following words or sentences would come up: A Web of Life made of string/Wild raptors set free/Olive-Treehouse/Malaysian Coconut Curry/Fluffy Kestrels/Hotels for Insects/Hoopoe outside the window/Silkworms and mint tea. 

Staring into the light.

And one last thought: I pass by a school on my way to work. As of late, the kids have decided to start throwing tangerines or other fruit from trees in their courtyard, in the street. They throw the fruit and then they watch as cars pass by. I presume they then see if the fruits will be squashed or not? I guess this pisses people off because the road gets dirty and stained with squashed tangerines.

I admit I find it refreshing. We’ve become so accustomed to the sight of big ugly houses and tall fences and social norms and “acceptable behaviour in public”, that seeing this silly little game that’s been invented to kill boredom during break at school, is a welcome sight on my own boring and concrete-infected ride to work.

And here's a totally unrelated song by Sugar Pie Desanto for a sweet ending. She was friends with Etta James as a kid, and they recorded some duets together. 


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