Look what I found. I love these songs, they're powerful. I don't really listen to much rap/hip-hop but this is good stuff!!

And how the fuck did they make a beat out of this? It's like the same thing over and over but it's so smooth...

Just love the flow in this one..

I can't stop listening to this guy

yes yes yes

uhh...oh my god...

And well this is just a classic.


  1. Great post!

    I love hip-hop especially daisy age! Back in my days ;) I used to listen to the Jungle Brothers a lot. What u waitin' 4? was my favorite.

    Chilling and optimistic!


  2. Νίκο, θένξ! Nice little song, clubbing must have been a nicer experience for you 90s people. Lame decade in many ways but probably more fun than the noughties.

    Hip-hop is poetry at coolest and its most punch-you-in-the-face-with-my-words powerful form. If I could think faster and enunciate better I'd try my luck at rapping...


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