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Just in Time


The bearer of the Pearl - III

A whisper:

Pearl, I'm here.
Give up your velvet mantles
and deny your silky past.

Wake up you sleepy pearl
I'm here to take you.

You've grown lethargic, dull and cynical,
and all you do is yawn and sink in supple cushions.
Shuffling around in restless gluttony, you bruise your oyster bearer.

Cmon, get up, uproot yourself and dare to
float into the depths with me.

Bearer might suffer and might die,
but it is my turn now,
and failure's not an option.

I gave the rusty knife away
but I have nails
and I will sink them into flesh to rip you out.

Don't worry - I'll wipe away the blood
and put my arms around you.

I'll kiss your opaque and inhale your glow.

I'll comfort you. We'll swim off in the darkness
and infuse the sea with light. 

I look into your sphere
and see myself, Pearl. 

Know I vow the truth now.

Come on. Wake up. Let's go. 

The bearer of the pearl - II

I've tied myself to the blood-carved boat
and dive into the dark
to get my Pearl.

The bubbles they engulf me,
closing up behind me the earthly world.
I sink in Blue
and melt into Black.

I'm brave and happy,
and I've forgotten the scent of
freshly rained-on pines
and crackling wood.

Gravity and bipedalism foregone,
this multidimensional space I find myself in
does not overwhelm me. I'm free.

The sea is now my home,
and I will swim in it
until my lungs burst
and my heart gets broken.

Twinkling plankton laugh at me,
I'm nobler than all of you,
get lost!
-a woman made of brains and heart,
you wouldn't know.

And oh you fish!
you form your endless circles
in the millions -
you think you can escape the squawking seagull's strike?
You cowards, 
look beyond your spiral act.

Medusas and three-hearted monsters,
transluscent you,
you cannot reach my solid core.
My heart is one but it beats strong
and it will shatter you into pieces:
what once was you
will be a crater
of my so…


Six months I have waited to see you.
For six months you have been chewing on my brain
and injecting my neurons with your name.

For six months the continents have slowly been drawn to each other
with invisible magnets
and now I am ready to step from mine to yours,
like from one bank of a flowing stream to another.

Yeah, so my life is filled with sadness.

It's like I've peeled Life's layers away
to reveal the core. 

And at her heart, what do i see?

Death and Love.

I hold each concept with each hand
and try to balance on my tightrope.

For six months you have been peeling my own layers
and you've placed a mirror in my path.
I've seen the doubts, and dealt with them.
i've seen the disbelief, and dealt with it.
I've seen the insecurity, and dealt with it.
I've seen the fears, and dealt with them.

And then I saw the strength, and drew from it.
I saw support, and drew from it.
I saw the love, and I have cracked my own cocoon.

And now, I'm ready to emerge and fly t…


Look how lives change from one day to another.

From summer love to winter cancer
we have slowly been eating life's little ice cream
while it's been rapidly melting away.

I want to write
but my brain has gone to sleep.

I walk around with my heart on my eyes.

I open my mouth to speak but only spiralling bats fly out
and away
with that fluttering silent murmurur.

My love for you is untainted but tinged with
an underlying sadness,
like the soggy base of an otherwise perfect cake.

Nowadays, the dreamy thought of you intersperses
my dark thoughts,
like a shining ray piercing
through stormy clouds.

But soon, it struggles and flickers and shies
behind the greys
when the storm collects its horrible troops again.

For days I sit in my room while it closes in:
I push the walls apart.

In the darkness, I balance on a tightrope
with clumsy feet,
between life and joy and hope
and a plunge into despair.

I push the rug apart and reveal the water.

I take a dive in this ocean of pain
and fish ou…