Jan 31, 2013

The Starling Dance

Just when you are ready to give up
when you believe what they tell you that life isn't beautiful anymore,
when you start mourning for your birth and your death
and everything in between,
when you cry out in anger for the state of this country
which has been uglified by the people living in it

you turn your eyes to the purple sunset
and realise that someone is still here despite the chemicals and the concrete,
resisting destruction and

They are performing their dance in concert
for noone. Silently, among the houses and the sounds of the motorway.
Just like you are.

Birdies from pyrishoya on Vimeo.

*video of the Starlings in Latsia, Nicosia by Christiana.

Jan 24, 2013

Against the odds

Alright, alright, here's another go at life. Yeah, let's try something new.

First thing on my list: Start by dodging as much of the shit thrown at you as possible.

Any other suggestions, dear reader?

Jan 18, 2013


We'd drained our brains
of words and ideas.

We'd drank the dreams
and saved our drowning worries
that lay there catching breath
and stealing ours.

Jan 17, 2013


Silence, take my fears away,
they feed on me like hungry dogs.
Look, my flesh and tendons
are hanging from my bones.

Skin shredded, I try to shrug them away
but they feed on me still.

Tears, let me drink you
and quench my loneliness.
My patience is leaving me
she said I was cheating on her.

Happiness is struggling to cope with me,
and struggling I, I plead to some god inside me
to wake up and carry on climbing.

This mountain is made of thyme and snakes,
I inhale deeply and take the bites with every step.

Love me, I scream, someone love me,
the sky is too broad,
and heaven is too much of a hoax to let myself believe in.

Jan 16, 2013

Safe flight, dream

And so my boy is gone again.
He came and went so fast
I think I only caught the back of his head
as I waved goodbye at the airport.


At first we lay on the same bed, sleeping,
and dreams came parading like satyrs
whirling and dancing and clicking their hooves above our heads
around the room,
penetrating the night with their green-orange auras
and whistling panpipes.

And we were sleeping.
We slept long
and deeply at the world,
while our brains tuned in to the same wavelength
and whispered to each other under the sheets.

They caught up, discussing childhood,
politics, fears, religion, the weather.

While all the time we slept long
and deeply at the world.

And then our bodies woke up from their torpor
and clashed like Titans.
They fought and fought for hours
finding each other's weaknesses,
assessing each other's strengths.

And all the while we slept long
and deeply at the world.

When finally the sun came out
and the cups in the kitchen clattered
and the kettle gurgled in complaint
and the coffee brewed and grumped,

we opened our eyes to pain,
and a room empty of dreams.

And then we cried long
and deeply at the world.

Jan 8, 2013

just one of those

2013 started off as shit as no other year.
With chemo and a blocked toilet and freezing
weather and dry skin.
Will I ever be happy again?

Jan 4, 2013

Nina Simone Antibes 1965

Powerful performance by one of my favourite artists in the whole wide world. Many more gems like this on youtube. Dedicated to my neighbour who plays his piano beautifully to the early hours of the morning, even over the Christmas holidays and New Year's Eve...I hope you pass your music school exams, stranger!

Jan 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Death's stinky breath is on our house
and at night, I dream of horse-drawn carriages sunk into swamps,
and violent reverse big-bangs
that burn us into nothingness.

And yet, we cling onto life with bared fangs and barred doors,
protecting the only thing that's left.

Sometimes those rays of daily life the way we knew them
shine through and hit us on the head with their simplicity and
foreign air of some long-gone and innocent time
when we didn't think about the moments so much.

And sometimes I find myself half-wishing that those moments were still mine
to float like a cork on.
But noone can hide from the deep waters too long. Sooner or later we will all be forced to sink in them,
and i'd rather dive head-on that drown in the waves.

Do you know what I mean?


I mean, really, Life is funny.
Though I'm a believer in luck and no such thing as fate,
It would have me believe in purpose.
Why else would Life send you along at such a time riddled with death,
if not to tease me?

She called you Love, and branded you with some
transparent and irresistible ink, that even you
would find frighteningly beautiful,
and sent you here to save my heart from sinking.

She raised a wall and said: Climb it.
She burnt the forest and said: Find life.
She placed you in some foreign land and said: Swim.
She drained this world of colour, taste and context and said: Write, write!


Of all the things happening in my life right now,
in this impressionistic brain of mine, which has me swirling in
lights and shadows and fleeting brushstroke memories of
purple-coloured, half-drawn people,
you are my most vivid.

And though we struggle to converge our lives
in many ways par physical,
I know this might sound strange
but you make Death a little more bearable
and a little less significant.