Safe flight, dream

And so my boy is gone again.
He came and went so fast
I think I only caught the back of his head
as I waved goodbye at the airport.


At first we lay on the same bed, sleeping,
and dreams came parading like satyrs
whirling and dancing and clicking their hooves above our heads
around the room,
penetrating the night with their green-orange auras
and whistling panpipes.

And we were sleeping.
We slept long
and deeply at the world,
while our brains tuned in to the same wavelength
and whispered to each other under the sheets.

They caught up, discussing childhood,
politics, fears, religion, the weather.

While all the time we slept long
and deeply at the world.

And then our bodies woke up from their torpor
and clashed like Titans.
They fought and fought for hours
finding each other's weaknesses,
assessing each other's strengths.

And all the while we slept long
and deeply at the world.

When finally the sun came out
and the cups in the kitchen clattered
and the kettle gurgled in complaint
and the coffee brewed and grumped,

we opened our eyes to pain,
and a room empty of dreams.

And then we cried long
and deeply at the world.


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