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Just the drip

Sometimes silence hides growth.
The way the universe slowly expands silently,
so does my soul.

It is slowly occupying new space,
it fills the void with its own dark matter.

Don't be impatient, reader.
My words are just busy re-inventing their own shape.
They are measuring their own depth anew,
preparing their vessels for the rich grape harvest
that will be thrown in them aplenty,
their fibres ready to soak up the burgundy
their vowels hollow to let the wail through.

Welcome to the cruel world

I love this album - Ben Harper's 'Welcome to the Cruel World' is so underrated. I think it was his first album. It's so powerful, I was obsessed with it as a teen maybe cause it's so bittersweet, soulful and empowering.

Anyhow, I was reminded of it today. This video is random but it doesn't matter cause he's damn sexy!

Just beautiful.

Tribute to the Kings and Maya Angelou's 'Still I rise'

The Bearer of the Knife - II

Hi Bearer,

your smile is like an eruption of blossoming almond trees all over this barren land.

I think you're happier than when I last saw you.

Your knife was safely kept away in its sheath, tied on your belt.
I could no longer see its deadly shine reflected in your eyes.

Nah, they looked clear and bright, so much so that I wished for a moment
that I could swim in them and forget my adult self,
splashing like a newborn dolphin in the clear blue waters of their dark brown.

Like an enchanted forest, they drew me in.
And I could have given in, only to face the same entangling misery at its dark and woody depths.

Only I looked away from you in time and laughed with my heart, bearer.

I'm glad to see you happy, I know you'll be alright.