The Bearer of the Knife - II

Hi Bearer,

your smile is like an eruption of blossoming almond trees all over this barren land.

I think you're happier than when I last saw you.

Your knife was safely kept away in its sheath, tied on your belt.
I could no longer see its deadly shine reflected in your eyes.

Nah, they looked clear and bright, so much so that I wished for a moment
that I could swim in them and forget my adult self,
splashing like a newborn dolphin in the clear blue waters of their dark brown.

Like an enchanted forest, they drew me in.
And I could have given in, only to face the same entangling misery at its dark and woody depths.

Only I looked away from you in time and laughed with my heart, bearer.

I'm glad to see you happy, I know you'll be alright.


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