An attempt to look at the bright side

Read my rather nostalgic article on the garden birds of spring at the BirdLife Cyprus website here. It's also available in Greek on the Greek version of the website under the news section.

Ofcourse I have been 'trapped' in the office or hospital room for the past couple months so I didn't get the chance to see the transformation of nature into a spring boom! this year. But I still dream and write about it so that maybe some of you will be inspired to go out there - Go...GO! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!! Appreciate the sweet weather and beautiful smells and colours for me...while they last.

I made the love of my life promise me he'd take me cloud-watching when he comes. Just lying on our backs somewhere making up stories, watching the sky, being lazy! Now I'm waiting for that day like a schoolkid waiting for summer - oh boy clouds here I come! 


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