Today i'm 25, and I miss my mum

My mother didn't know if she would make it till my birthday. She has. She's here, I had a 'birthday' coffee with her by her bedside this morning. I'm heading back there now to hold her hand and feel her warmth. Twenty five years ago, she was giving birth to me! She will never truly know the gift she gave me today, which I will carry my whole life.


  1. She didn't only gave a gift to you. She also gave a gift to humanity through you and should be very proud.

  2. i second that. σφιχτές σφιχτές αγκαλιές όσπου να σε δω λιλούκο μου.. δύναμη, ντάξει;


  3. she nurtured me and gave me life with her love and grace and laughter. She gave me life, she held me when noone else was there to hold me. she held my hand and guided me when i was lost. I owe her my life, my joy my sanity. And i m so happy she had you. I m so happy we re family.
    Loving birthday. We are each other's strength, which is another of her gifts to us

  4. :) I tripple that. She gave a great blessing to all of us.


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