To be a bluesman

" be a bluesman you must be a man, you must have been the son of a slave, you must have sung the gospel in church, you must have collected cotton in a Mississippi  plantation and you must have done some time in prison, preferably for having killed a white man who insulted you. This is why there are no more new authentic blues singers. As there are no more "rebetes" in Greece ! How can you sing rebetica songs if you are not  a "rebetis" ?"

Today I finally watched Robert Manthoulis's film "Le blues entre les dents" ("Blues under the skin"), released in 1972. I had previously watched a documentary on ERT about Manthoulis, and found him very interesting and intriguing, so I decided to find this film and hopefully others, and see some of his work. Here is an interview of his, though written in bad English (perhaps because it is a translation from Greek?), the points he makes are still interesting:


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