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Louisiana Love

So I have found myself on the road and in new adventures again! I can't begin to describe how excited I am, but you all probably know that already.
I am currently living in Port Allen, Louisiana, a town on the west bank of the Mississippi in Baton Rouge, with the love of my life, in his house which is attached to his parents' funeral home. Most people will find this a bit creepy, but I assure you it is far from being a creepy place. Port Allen is a slow-paced kinda place, with a refreshing openness - found in both the space and the people - that I have been yearning for for a long time now. The houses are small and spread out, people sit outside on their porches in the humid afternoon and kids ride their bikes around the neighborhood, which has no pavement, just a grassy side of a road, and tall, spreading Cypress trees. It is so quiet you can almost hear the wind blowing through the tall corn fields that stretch out beyond the last row of houses before the large and mighty r…

Who is this woman...

And why am I only just hearing about her?

How I feel about waking up on a different continent in two weeks exactly

Not sure I have anything worthwhile to say, but I am back