I've realised that there are whole genres of music I can't listen to without being reminded of my mum and being sad. Almost ALL greek music now brings tears to my eyes, so I usually avoid it. There are some days though that I wake up missing those Sundays when the four of us would pile up in the car and drive to the mountains listening to the radio. I miss the music, I miss the mountains, I miss my family, I miss the innocence of those sunny Sundays and the long road trips and listening to my parents talk about so many interesting and stimulating things. 

Part of project GRIEF is to bring back those memories that comprise my identity, and face the music, literally! This is an album that my dad got my mum when I was 9 years old. I loved it so much that I asked them to let me buy it for my favourite teacher in school (who was extremely surprised to receive it) and then in my first year in high school I sung one of the songs in the album acapella in front of my class as part of the music class "talent day". Unfortunately, the words of loss and longing went over my classmates' heads and I really couldn't understand why they were laughing at me. That was the beginning of my era as a 'misfit' in high school!

Tenedos is the title of the album, and refers to the long-suffering island in the Aegean sea, which after centuries of being conquered by different powers due to its strategic position at the entrance of the Dardanelles, was ceded to Turkey under the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923. Unlike other places where Turkey and Greece exchanged populations, the Greeks in Tenedos were allowed to stay but suffered discrimination and fear under Turkish administration, eventually fleeing the island. Tenedos is part of the painful story of the Greeks of Asia Minor.

This remains one of my favourite albums of all time.


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