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Go directly to the Heart

We are talking about inner freedom. The ability to see things as they are. To not hold on to things that are bound to perish, and fall away
(good things, bad things)
but to be spacious enough to  accept and contain this - mortal predicament.
Suffering can be turned to compassion tightness can become mystery and I, no more a living being merely but a space where anguish, fear, grief and anger can be  related to as what they are: waves in the ocean of body. 
What brings you joy?
To trust life, to delve into mystery knowing that life works itself out. That's why traveling has always been exciting: a most direct exercise in creation mechanics. 
But what of the one who wishes to grow roots? To find a community, allow the material aspect of reality to grind its wheels? 
(house, kids, family)
 It is the same principle, only the stakes are higher: more attachment, more loss, greater sorrow. 
The family yogi, the bourgeois yogi, they have been criticised for staying safe, wrapped up in th…

The Buddha is my Mother (and my Mother is I)

And what is this thing that we so much want to hold onto after all? The indescribable fear that robs each moment of its sense of adventure, mistaking quicksand under our feet for solid land?
Mother, is it that we didn't fall in love at first sight? God knows we tried.
Up until those tortured, hope-forsaken final days, amid the anger, the tenderness, the terror, the bitter and the human, God knows we tried. Caving in perhaps, broken certainly; we gave it our best shot. 
It wasn't easy when you were alive, it's not easy without you. Existence required a justification from me in both cases, despite your best intentions. Once in a while I catch that feeling of being eight again, running around our neighborhood with Savvas, the afternoon stretching out before me in lifetimes. There is nowhere else to be but here, by the side of the road, smelling the lemon blossoms reaching out to me from kiria Sofia's garden. I am caught by surprise by that fragrant sense of freedom. It w…