Go directly to the Heart

We are talking about inner freedom.
The ability to see things as they are.
To not hold on to things that
are bound to perish, and fall away

(good things, bad things)

but to be spacious enough to 
accept and contain this -
mortal predicament.

Suffering can be turned to compassion
tightness can become mystery
and I, no more a living being merely
but a space where anguish, fear, grief and anger can be 
related to as what they are:
waves in the ocean of body. 

What brings you joy?

To trust life, to delve into mystery
knowing that life works itself out.
That's why traveling has always been exciting:
a most direct exercise in creation mechanics. 

But what of the one who wishes to grow roots? To find
a community, allow the material aspect of reality to grind
its wheels? 

(house, kids, family)

 It is the same
principle, only the stakes are higher:
more attachment, more loss, greater sorrow. 

The family yogi, the bourgeois yogi,
they have been criticised for staying safe,
wrapped up in the cocoons of urban comfort, of little sacrifice -
yet taking no thought in the face of so many responsibilities
is brave and difficult in its own way:
a tender warrior soul is still required.

There is freedom in running away and in staying put - one
need only follow one's heart and watch the unfolding.

We are all gifts of humanity to each other- so many
different perspectives, so much to learn.

The idea of me is terrified of people, 
mainly cause they too relate from a place of
separation and woundedness, 
but I must remember that they too are real and
 deep down their hearts are listening and if I can appeal 
directly to the heart
instead of the "person", I might find a different way
of connecting to the world.

Perhaps it won't work in good ways for "me" but 
Truth will be honoured, and
isn't that what really matters in the timeless, cosmic
scheme of things?


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